Arabic Language Resources

Here are some useful language resources I’ve found:

Benny Lewis – Fluent in 3 months – I highly recommend this site. Before I came accross this site I thought you couldn’t learn a language unless you moved to the country. Benny is a highly motivated and inspiring individual. His website is the reason why I have started this blog and have so much motivation to learn and set goals.

Fluent Forever I highly recommend this book along with Benny’s. There is a high emphasis on using flash cards to remember everything and never forget. Gabriel gives a great amount of detail on how he learnt languages successfully. A lot of people use flash cards and swear by them.

The Mezzofanti Guild – Great for Arabic learners – Most sites on learning Arabic focus on MSA, this site is a gold mine for someone looking to learn an Arabic dialect. He provides lots of great resources and methods for lear ing arabic successfully.

Top 25 Language Learning Blogs 2014

Michel Thomas Arabic I am a huge fan of this guy and his courses. I have had the most successful learning using these courses. They are easy to understand and don’t require any writing down or making notes. Fantastic to listen to in your car on the way to work. The Arabic taught is very useful. After doing the foundation course and the Advanced course I was able to converse with Arab natives. My family in Jordan were very pleased but kept telling me about my Egyptian just can’t win! These cds are usually available for free from your local library.

iTalki – great for finding teachers and language exchange partners This is recommended by many language learners. You can find native speaking teachers for a very small price. This is much cheaper than doing a course. Each teacher offers thirty minutes free as a taster.

Anki – a great memorisation tool This is a fantastic tool for memorising anything. The app is also fantastic!

Memrise They provide lots of tools for lots of languages and also provide a great app. I’m not much of a fan but others might find it useful.

Pimsleur I’ve heard alot about these courses but I’m not prepared to pay mega bucks!

Syrian Colloquial Arabic Highly recommend on Mezzofanti Guild, I’ve tried it but the price is cheap and the content looks great!

Speaking Arabic – Palestinian Dialect I’ve not tried this one but looks good!

Culture Talk This is a bit advanced for me but is worth making a note of as it has videos in arabic of conversations.

Arabic for English speaking students – These were recommended to me by a friend who had gained a really high standard of Arabic. The course is world famous and is very cheap. The course wasn’t for me as I want to learn to speak colloquial Arabic first. But for ten pounds, you can’t go wrong!

Mastering Arabic – I’m a fan of these books, everything is broken down into easy to understand segments.

Rosetta Stone – I tried this and had high hopes but found it was an extremely dull and repetitive piece of software. It wasn’t for me. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay a penny but the price tag is very high.

Arabic language learning links There’s even more links on this site!

How to learn any language

Levantine Arabic audio and video


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