Lingualism- a great resource for colloquial Arabic


I have been following Lingualism for some time now and have been very impressed with the resources they are producing for Levantine Arabic as the amount of resources out there really are small. For anyone wanting to learn the Levantine Arabic dialect I highly recommend these resources:

Shwayy ‘An Haali – 10 Levantine Arabic speakers (5 from Lebanon and 5 from Syria) x 30 questions = 300 responses. Read, listen, expand your vocabulary, and learn to express yourself better in Levantine Arabic.

Shwayy ‘An Haali: ANKI Flashcards – They are so awesome they even made all the content into Anki flash cards! Saving you a load of time!

These guys are awesome and seem to be adding more and more content which is great for us Levantine Arabic students. They even do other dialects and MSA.


Alex Strick van Linschoten – Great Arabic resources using Trello


I have been following this person for quite some time and very impressed with the amount of resources he has found. I am even using them and plan to use more. He is so organised he is using a Trello board, which is great for me as I have used it for years as a Software Developer. If you work in marketing or IT you will be used to using Trello.

I regularly check his boards to see anything new he has added.

Here are his two boards:

Master Arabic (Jordanian)

Master Arabic resources

Mini goals


I’ve mentioned this before about mini goals and have kind of forgotten about them. I remember my language idol Benny Lewis mentioning small goals that help a lot more than mega goals. These goals are going to be very small, so small they can be done in a matter of days or a week. As Benny mentioned they might be pretty insignificant on their own but all of them together make something big.

I will be focusing on these in the future so keep posted!

Arabic Stories for Language Learners: Traditional Middle-Eastern Tales in Arabic and English

2018-06-10 19_30_08-Arabic Stories for Language Learners_ Traditional Middle-Eastern Tales in Arabic.png

Over the years I have stayed away from focusing on reading but if you read any advice from any language learner they’ll tell you to work on your reading to progress your language skills. This book is great it has small Arabic stories written in Modern Standard Arabic along with full audio and translation.

I have been very much against Modern Standard Arabic over the years but have started to warm to it as I want to be able to read Arabic literature, news and all sorts.

I’d highly recommend this book! It’s reasonably priced aswell and can be found on Amazon.