Sprint Two

Start: Monday 4th of August
End: Monday 18th of August

Habiba - my favourite place for Knafe in Amman, Jordan

Habiba – my favourite place for Knafe in Amman, Jordan

Hey, now wait a minute…weren’t they called missions before? I’ve decided to changed the name to sprints as I’m a geeky software developer. If you’ve never come accross the term sprint look up agile development or check out this post from I will teach you a language – how to get sh*t done.

In this sprint I want to focus more on language exchange to practice the Arabic I have already learnt. I have a lot of phrases, words and grammar but haven’t had the chance to use it.
I have been looking into what other people do in their language exchange sessions and noticed they use subjects as opposed to just random chatter. This mission I will pick a few subjects and learn how to talk about them and practice.
A great example of this is my Mum, she could talk for hours in Arabic about food or shopping but would be stuck for words talking about a subject not relevant to her interests.

The subjects I am picking to learn to talk about are:

1. Hobbies
Ask about a person’s hobbies
Talk about my own – watching football, doing Brazilian jiu jitsu, learning arabic
Going to watch Manchester city at the stadium
Watching UFC
how many years I have been doing a hobby
Why I enjoy doing the hobby
What grade I am in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

2. Television
The programs I watch every week
The genres
My favourite actors
A basic story line of a film (pulp fiction)

3. What I did last weekend
What I did
Where I went
What food I made
Who with
Did I enjoy it?

4. Plans for the weekend
What I will do
Where I will go
Who will I go with

5. Work
Ask how a person’s work is going
Talk about my own day at work

I’m aiming for the following amount of hours:

  • 5 hours language exchange – this might be a little high as I struggle to get free time at home due to my wife being heavily pregnant and having a very active toddler. I’m going to see if I can get people to language exchange at lunch times or in the morning
  • 4 hours studying from the killmani shway book
  • Daily practice in my car using Michel Thomas
  • Daily immersion of Arabic music

Mission One

Start date 14/07/2014
End date 28/07/2014

Benny Lewis recommends that a language learner should create mini missions as opposed to one big goal such as “be fluent one day”. Benny has a great article explaining this here. The missions will be two week missions. If it’s a month I can slack off! The mission will start on the 14th of July as I am away for a week on holiday next week.

1. Learn an introductory script:

I know some of these already but it’s good to create an introductory script.

My name is
I am 31 years old
I am from Manchester
I work as a software developer in Manchester
My mum is English, My Dad is Palestinian
My family live in Jordan
I am married
My wife’s name is..
I have one daughter..her name is..her age is..
My wife is pregnant…X amount of weeks

Could you repeat that please?
Could you speak slower please?

what do you do for a living?
Are you married?
Do you have any children?

2. Dive in the deep end for language exchange – I need to get over my shyness and jump in the deep end and converse with native speakers. In the past I have done this but it has been on a small scale. Now this needs to be the priority! Infact in this mission the target is a total of 4 hours. Of course I can’t talk for for hours continuously but a total of four hours would be great to achieve over the two week period.

3. Learn the following to say to my Aunts in Jordan:

I miss you
My wife is getting very big
She is X amount of weeks pregnant
My daughter is very good, she is very cute, funny, active and growing very fast, she is always hungry
I am looking forward to having another child

4. Start learning the book I have ordered – Here it is: Kallimini ‘Arabi Bishweesh as recommended on the Mezzofani Guild site. I aim to put in 4 hours of study.

5. 15 -20 minutes a day of immersion – this can be tv or music

So in total 4 hours study, and 4 hours conversing with native speakers online in total