Trello – a great planning tool


If you haven’t come across Trello, check it out! It is a brilliant planning tool used by millions in different sectors from IT to marketing. I have started adding my mini goals to keep track of them. Here is my Trello board with all my mini goals added I will be adding more as I go along and updating the progress of each goal. Trello also has a brilliant app!




Mini goal 8 – Shway an Haali – what’s your name? شوي عن حالي – شو إسمك


I have already worked through these cards but I would like to re-visit each section. Lingualism is a phenomenal site providing a large amount of resources for Arabic students. Check it out here!! Lingualism provide a PDF and a stack of Anki flash cards, bargain!!!

Mini goal 7 – vocab from story “Juha and the thief” from Arabic Stories – جحا واللص

Memorise the vocabulary from this mini story over the next week. Here is the vocabulary:

juha sensed there was a thief in the house one night شعر جحا بلص في داره ليلا
so he went to his bedroom closet and hid in it. فقام إلى خزانة غرفة النوم واختبأ فيها
the thief was looking for something to steal but he couldn’t find anything و بحق اللص عن شيء يسرقه فلم يجد،
when he saw the closet he opened it and there was juha inside فرأى الخزانة ففتحها و إذا بجحا فيها.
the thief was frightened but took the courage and said: فخاف اللص ولكنه تشجع وقال:
where are you doing here old man? ماذا تفعل هنا يا شيخ؟
juha replied فقال جحا
I’m sorry sir متأسف يا سيدي
but I knew that you wouldn’t find anything worth stealing فإني اعرف أنك لن تجد ما تسرقه
and for that I was ashamed and hid out of embarrassment ولهذا استحيت وأختبأت خجلا منك

Mini goal 5 – Hakini Arabi – the story – القصة

Some more vocabulary to work through with dialogues. Here is some of the vocabulary:


your news اخبارك
was كان
wedding عرس
wish you the same عقبالك
your life حيلتك
the dear one الغالية
your friends صحابك
okay ماشي حال
guys الشباب
say hi بيسلمو
our neighbor جارنا
I missed him اشتقلتله
happy مكيف
as long as طول ما
people الشعب
eat بيكول
between us بينا
between you بينكم

Mini goal 4 – Hakini Arabi – common expressions – حاكيني عربي

Here’s some expressions I’ve taken out, there’s a a lot more in the book but I’m only using the ones I might struggle to remember or don’t know. As always I have been really lazy with the input. I’m also not the best person at using the Arabic keyboard!

nice to meet you تشرفنا
I dont understand مش فاهم
speak slowly احكي شوية شوية
how do you say in arabic كيف بنحكي بنقول ….. بالعربي
I have a question عندي سوال
enough everything is fine خلاص بس بكفي
dont worry كله تمام متقلقش
dont worry, it’s all the same زي بعضه
so so نص نص
again please مرة تانيه لو سمحت
work by yourselves اشتغل لحالك!
for example مثال