Arabic Voices 1 – review

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I’m not sure why but I didn’t buy this book for quite some time. However after buying it I was very impressed with the content. This has improved my Arabic listening and speaking skills as the content is by native Arabic speakers who are talking in their every day dialect. Nothing is scripted and the content is interesting as opposed to regular books that have scripted, boring content.

Arabic Voices 1 will expose Arabic students to native Arabic speakers speaking as they normally would on a daily basis. This means there are different ways of pronouncing words and in some cases mistakes. However this is how people regularly speak without scripts or prompts giving the student authentic exposure to the construction and use by native speakers. No other book on the market will provide this as they usually consist of scripted content and not in a native Arabic speakers dialect.

The content is very rich and unique. Each dialect is different from the next one as each person is different. Each dialect is also different using words and phrases that you would never hear from other sources on the market. As the native speakers are speaking as they would every day they are not speaking slowly but at their usual pace giving the student more exposure to how Arabic is actually spoken. One frustration with other resources is the audio clips comprise of speakers who are speaking at a very slow pace, which is great for students but when it comes to speaking to a native who speaks at a much faster pace it can leave the student over-whelmed.

Each section is broken down with English translations, exercises and single word translations making it easy for the student to learn the phrases and words.

I highly recommend this product as it will give the student at any level exposure to Arabic in it’s true form without alterations to the words, phrases, speed or content. As with most content provided by Lingualism this is unique to any other product on the market. The price is also very reasonable which won’t cost the student an arm and a leg!

The audio is provided for free on their website.

The e-book or printed book can be found on the Lingualism site.

The content consists of the following subjects:

  • Introduction
  • University Life
  • Revolution
  • Marriage
  • The Arabic Language
  • Dating
  • Clothing
  • Computers
  • Religion
  • Transportation
  • The Royal Family

The book consists of introductions and talks by native Arabic speakers from the following Arabic speaking countries:

  • Palestine
  • Lebannon
  • Yemen
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Syria
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

The book provides content from the following dialects:

  • ECA – Egyptian Colloquiel Arabic
  • ICA – Iraqi Colloquiel Arabic
  • LCA – Levantine Colloquiel Arabic – my personal favourite
  • MCA – Moroccan Colloquiel Arabic
  • Modern Standard Arabic – my least favourite
  • TCA – Tunisian Colloquiel Arabic
  • YCA – Yemeni Colloquiel Arabic



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