Levantine Arabic Verbs – review

Initially I was a little reluctant to buy this as I thought it would be like other books that just list verbs in large tables that make no sense and have no use…unless your a programmable machine. However after purchasing it and reading through it I was really pleased with the content making it easy to use and assimilate the verbs.


The book contains common verbs used in Levantine Arabic. The verbs are very useful in daily conversation and can be integrated into your Arabic arsenal of vocabulary. In total there are just over 100 verbs to work through.

As usual the guys at lingualism have gone one step further and provided flash cards for each verb. This is fantastic news making it very easy to learn the content quickly. It is a nightmare to create your own flashcards as it takes a large amount of time and is mind numbingly boring. It is very helpful to have flashcards pre made along with the resource. I believe all language resources should be done this way.

How the verbs are broken down

Each verb is broken down by page showing a table how to transform each verb. More importantly there are examples in how to use each verb in different sentences. This is very useful as Arabic verbs are complex and can be a complete nightmare learning how to take a verb and use it correctly in a sentence. Having example sentences makes it easier to understand how to use the verb in different cases. For example using a verb to talk about yourself, to a female or to a group are all different. Traditional books on verbs usually show large tables with no examples making them useless.

Below is the first verb in the book:


As mentioned the good guys at Lingualism provide flash cards along with the book. This is really useful as you can work on memorizing the content. The flash cards don’t use single words but chunks. This is a new methodology I have been working on which emphasises memorizing chunks of information as opposed to single words. It has been working really well. The flash cards are a fantastic resource for chunking. I first heard about it from language guru Donovan Nagel. Check out the article here for a full break down. He explains it better than I can.

Here is a sample of the flash cards using the chunking method:

I have been working through the book and the flash cards for the past month. I highly recommend this resource as it is extremely useful, easy to assimilate and understand. The verbs and examples are very well laid out and easy to memorize. This is ideal for any language student. I highly recommend buying the book and the flash cards as they go hand in hand and are both fantastic resources. The price is also very cheap making it a must buy for any Arabic student. This is the best set of resources on Levantine Arabic verbs available.

You can buy the book from here and the flash cards from here.

Another great resource on Levantine Arabic from the good guys at Lingualism. Keep up the good work guys!

3 thoughts on “Levantine Arabic Verbs – review

  1. I have this book too.

    Do you have an email address I can contact you on?

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