Shwayy ‘An Haali by Lingualism – review

You’ve probably seen my previous posts on Shwayy ‘an haali and lingualism but here is a full review.

The book consists of 30 common questions and answers from 10 different people in the Levantine dialect. This ranges from men, women, Syrians and Lebanese. In total there are 300 responses. Wow!

The book breaks down each question, answer, vocabulary, meaning and pronunciation.

I bought the ebook and flash cards.

This book is extremely unique as nothing like this has ever been done this well. Usually if there are questions and answers they are not relevant to daily conversations. This book offers questions and answers from several people with different answers that give an insight into daily Arabic conversation.

For example when I first meet someone on a language exchange it can be awkward making conversation but this book gives you 30 different questions for you to use in your conversations with other native speakers.

The answers are authentic and provided by normal native Arabic speakers as opposed to scripted answers you may find in other resources. For example one person mentions they are from Beirut but doesn’t feel they belong to Beirut. Another mentions they live in Turkey but originally from Syria. Having this resource gives the reader a wide perspective into the Arabic Levantine dialect and native Arabic speakers of the region as each answer is from a totally different person. It is as if you are meeting 10 different people.

As each answer is different the way each person speaks and the vocabulary they use is different. This is highly useful as no two people speak the same in any language any where in the world. Some words are pronounced differently to the next person. This is great for working on your Arabic listening skills.

I also bought the flash cards which took each question and answer and put in it’s own card with audio, english translation, Arabic text in dialect and MSA. This made it easy useable and accessible as they are made using the Anki app.

I studied the whole book and every flash card every using the pre made flash cards on the train and my lunch breaks. I also woke up early every morning to review the cards. I spent 30 minutes a day reviewing the cards and 30 minutes either reading or just listening to the audio.

This has greatly improved my listening and speaking skills in Arabic.

I highly recommend this resource as it is very well made, easy to use, concise, fully of vocabulary naturally spoken and all done in Levantine Arabic. There is nothing like this on the market. The price is also fantastic. The guys at lingualism are doing a fantastic job. This is an essential resource for any serious student of the Levantine Arabic dialect. The fact that the author has made anki flash cards shows they are in touch with modern language learning tools and techniques as opposed to a printed book with a CD. I strongly suggest going to their site and viewing all the fantastic resources they have. They also provide resources on other languages and other Arabic dialects. The resources they are producing are the stuff of dreams as the market has severely lacked resources on Levantine Arabic for so long. I can’t wait to see what’s next to come from the lingualism guys.

The ebook is available here

The flash cards are available here

Go get them!!!

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