Mission successful! 

I just got back from seeing my family in Amman, Jordan. It’s been five years since my last visit. Last time I went I had very little Arabic speaking ability. After 5 years of study this time I was fully equipped to speak Arabic to anyone. After all the studying and practicing this was the time to use the new skills I gained.

It was fantastic! I spoke Arabic with every single member of my family as soon as I landed in Amman. I spoke as much Arabic as I could possibly speak to everyone including all my aunt’s, uncle, cousins, people in shops, my cousin’s friends and even strangers. All my family were pleasently surprised to see me speak and even found it a little strange as I haven’t spoken this much Arabic in over 27 years. 

On the plane to Amman I was going crazy cramming as much information as possible. I even did 2000 flashcards. Which is something I have never done.

It was a great feeling speaking so much Arabic with my family. All this hard work was more than worth it.

Where do I go now?

I’m back from Jordan and I guess the mission is complete….well not even close! I will carry on studying Arabic until I am 100% fluent. I am very happy with the level I have reached and very happy with the amount I can speak. However I won’t be satisfied until I can understand everything said in Arabic. The road has been long but it has been a fun journey and I look forward to carry on learning and improving my Arabic.