Pimsleur Eastern Arabic Anki flashcards – done

As you will of seen in my last post I was aiming to get all the flash cards created in Anki for the last Pimsleur Eastern Arabic course. This was 30 more tracks of 30 minutes each. I did it and ahead of schedule!

I used my walks to the train station and the journey in the train and walk to work as an opportunity to get them all done. It was boring as hell, tedious and drove me crazy but I got it done! I now have nearly 6 thousands flash cards! Now it’s time to review and memorise all the content.


2 thoughts on “Pimsleur Eastern Arabic Anki flashcards – done

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve been reading your blog with interest. I want to start learning Arabic and have started the Pimsleur Easteran Arabic Course.

    Your suggestion about using Anki flash cards has caught my attention and given that they helped you I also want to give them a try.

    Are you able to share yours with me? It would save me a whole heap of time!


    • hi, sooo sorry for the late late reply!!! I have only just started blogging again and was pretty lazy with the site. I will export all my stuff and share for you!

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