– full and honest review

I first joined talk in Arabic a few years ago when it was created with this big hope and promise that this is the place that will deliver all sorts of high quality content in my target dialect of Levantine Arabic. There is not one place online that offers this type of service. I was very excited about and signed up as soon as it was launched.

A few months went by and I noticed content wasn’t being added regularly. I thought well this is new maybe they just need time, I’ll come back in a while. So I left it a year or so then rejoined with the hope that they would deliver what they are selling. Again I was pretty disappointed with the content. There wasn’t much on there and it was not updated weekly as it stated on the site. So I got in touch with them.

After a while they got back in touch and apologised for the late reply because it’s Eid holidays. Ok….I thought…I’m a Muslim and I still have to go to work…but fair enough. So waited a little longer and the content was not updated as stated. So I left and thought maybe I’ll give it another year.

So I waited another year or so, rejoined hoping they would deliver content as stated on the home page on a weekly basis. I looked around in all the Levantine sections and noticed​ that there were new items added but to my shock…not many. I could still see the majority of the items were from the last time I was a member over a year ago. I looked at all the dates when they were added and clearly they’re not added every week.

My main issues with this service is it costs quite a lot, it’s not updated every week as it should be and the content is ok. The content on the site isn’t fantastic, considering the monthly cost. Imagine that monthly costs totalled up after a year and how many books you could get with that amount. It states on the site that it will be updated soon and the subscription fees will go up, come on!!! Seriously??

This is the last time I will be bothering with talk in Arabic. The idea is fantastic, the market for it is crying out for something like this and it has huge potential. It would be absolutely awesome if they delivered what they say they would. If they did I would join again no doubt. However the owners are not fulfilling what they say they will deliver.

I’m disappointed this has not worked out I really wanted the site to be good and have great content as I would love to have this to study. It would help me greatly!

There are many monthly subscription services like Netflix, Amazon prime, UFC and all sorts. They are all cheaper and provide so much more. This is a very expensive service that provides very little to its customers.

For all these reasons I am extremely disappointed with talk in Arabic and will never register on it again. I suggest to sign up and judge for yourself.

Donovan Nagel is a good guy and I love his site Mezzo Guild along with all the great advice he provides and resources. However this site just does not provide what it is supposed to for what I would expect.


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