2 weeks of making AnkiDroid flash cards – Let’s get cracking!

Ok, now I’m back into the swing of things it’s time to get shit done again! 

Over the next two weeks I’m aiming to get the remaining Pimsleur course into my flags card decks which is pretty much all of the advanced course. I’ve stressed the importance a number of times using AnkiDroid for memorising Arabic. Once I get this plumbing task done I can move on. But there’s no point moving on until I have all the vocabulary in my AnkiDroid stack as I won’t be able to memorise it. It’s a really boring task but…it has to be done.

I’m aiming to have all 30 tracks (15 hours) done by the 26th. Gulp. After that I have some exciting plans but this has to be done as AnkiDroid is the fundamental part of my learning and memorisation of Arabic.


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