Where have I been?


Me getting owned by BJJ wiz Michael Liera Jr

It’s been some time since I last posted, I havent gone away or stopped learning Arabic. I have just been too busy to post anything. I have been studying every week but thought there is no point in writing the same thing on here about flash cards etc.
I’m currently up to Pimsleur Eastern Arabic 2. I have taken all the conversations from the first course and split them up into audio files. I can now understand everything in all 30 audio clips…pretty impressive! I have nailed all my flash cards on the first course and don’t have many to review every day.

I have found listening to the Arabic audio clips has greatly helped my listening skills.

From now until March I am aiming to blast through the second course resulting in studying all the tracks and adding all the content to my flash card decks and creating audio clips from all the tracks.