Anki flash cards – total has now reached 3000!!

My flash card deck in Anki has now reached 3000! It’s taken a long time to get it this many. There’s content from Pimsleur Arabic and the Michel Thomas courses. The more the better as I  reviewing my flash cards everyday.



December – time to push on


This is a bit of a late post however I have still been studying hard. All my family have had a horrible cold for about two weeks so that was a little set back. As I mentioned in November I got all the content into my flash cards deck in anki. I have also clipped all the conversations from Pimsleur Eastern Arabic into 30 clips. This month will be challenging as I have many family commitments for Christmas.

This month I intend to do the following:

Language exchange – last month was poor this month I need to make it a good one! I’m aiming for 8 sessions

Pimsleur Eastern Arabic dialogues – improving my listening is essential so 20 sessions should do it. After this month I want to take the big step and move onto the intermediate course.

Anki – standard as every month 5\6 times a week

November – a tough month


Manchester city vs borrusia munchengladbach

This was a pretty disappointing month for me regarding language exchange. I only managed to do three sessions, I know pathetic. However my partner had some difficulties he had to sort but الحمد الله everything is ok now.
I did continue with my other tasks using flash cards and the Pimsleur Eastern Arabic course on a daily basis. This was not effected at all. I finally managed to add all the vocabulary and words from the Pimsleur Eastern Arabic beginners course to my flash card deck. This was a highly boring task but had to be done.

Here are my stats for November :

Anki flash cards:


Pimsleur Eastern Arabic listening to and from work:


And most the last one that I didn’t hit my target at all was to language exchange…I know it’s terrible but like I said there were a few problems this month with my Arabic buddy.


Next month I hope to get back in the swing of things with language exchange.