I got promoted to Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


My coach Adam Adshead and me at Factory BJJ

As I may have mentioned my other passion when not practicing Arabic is doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I got promoted from Blue belt to Purple belt after just under 4.5 years total training from my coach Adam Adshead at Factory BJJ. Yaaaaaaaaay!


The 101 most used verbs: in spoken Arabic Fridrik E. Tiedmann Jr


I found this gem by Fridrik E. Tiedmann Jr! The problem with having the Pimsleur course is that nothing is written down so it leaves some room for error when writing the words down in my flash cards. This book is also fantastic for showing grammar and lots more. I won’t try and explain everything from the book, just watch this video.
The author knows his stuff and the content looks great, extensive and very thorough with lots of examples and a cd with over 10 hours audio! It’s a little difficult to buy but I managed to get it on Amazon.

November – ain’t no stopping us now!


Feeding some ducks

October has been a good month with consistent small tasks being done on a an almost daily basis. I have done more flash card reviews than ever before, more language exchange than I’ve ever done and done lots of Pimsleur listening. I have also added 21 out of 30 tracks to my flash card deck. This means I have the content saved in my deck of flash cards so I can review them over and over to input the information in my brain.
I was off sick so that ruined things a little for me, however I still made good progress with all the mini tasks counting up to one large task. As you can see the end of the month was not a good time due to being ill I couldn’t language exchange.

Here are the logs of October:

Anki flash cards – 100+ cards to review


Language exchange




With all this done I want November to carry on the same momentum with lots of small tasks. I am looking to achieve the following:

1. Pimsleur – review all the course 1 materials again

2. Anki – do flash cards five times a week

3. Language Exchange – last month was the best I’ve ever done but still not great so let’s push it to the limit. I want to see 12…that’s right 12 sessions!

4. Finish adding the rest of Pimsleur course one to my flash card decks