October – more mini goals


Tenby - wales

This month I am carrying on with the same momentum of regular, small tasks that don’t mean much done individually but collectively result in a lot of work being done.
As Eid is over I hope to get regular language exchange sessions done every week.

Here are my weekly habits/tasks:

1. Pimsleur – carry on with listening to the audio course to and from work. I will be on the intermediate course soon. 4 times per week

2. Anki – same old reviewing cards – 5 times per week

3. Language Exchange – the big money! 2/3 times per week.

4. Boring – take the content from Pimsleur and add to my flash card decks. This is an extremely boring task..but has to be done.


September – mini goals


Keswick - the lake district

September was difficult for language exchange as Eid was right in the middle which meant anyone from the Middle East was on holiday for two weeks. This meant I did not get to language exchange as much as I wanted.
However I did the following:

1. Blast through the Pimsleur course – I am almost finished

2. Did a high amount of flash card reviews

3. Converted almost half of the Pimsleur course into flash cards

4. TalkInArabic – after going through the content I decided this was not for me. Donovan is a great guy and he is doing great work for the language community.

5. Create a list of subjects – I found an even more useful task, create a list of items to talk about in a language exchange session. Going in there with there with a plan really helped. I had lots to talk which can be a struggle sometimes.

Here are my stats from the coach.me app that I use to track my effort:

Anki card reviews:


Language exchange (rubbish I know..but Eid was in the middle of the month)


Pimsleur (I actually did more than this but only started tracking it later on in the month: