New goal – now until December


I have been using the agile methodology for quite sometime and found that it’s a bit boring as I use it every day in work. So I’ve decided to make things more interesting and create a new goal. After some thought about what goals to plan and where to begin I remember coming across the CEFR (common European framework of reference for languages) some time ago to guage a person’s level in a language.
So I have decided from now until the end of the year I want to move up a level from where I currently am in my Arabic journey. I believe it is important to guage what level someone’s skill are at instead of just plodding along.

I spoke to two different native Arabic speakers about my current level and they both said I am at level A2/B1. I also asked them to not be nice and just tell it like it is. Of course I would love to be higher up in this scale. I look at it this way, I have studied on my own to get this far whilst having a full time job, a wife, two children and also training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The goal:

I plan to strengthen my skills at B1 and then move onto B2 (vantage or upper intermediate). I will do this by building up more vocabulary and more language exchange sessions. I will perform self study with the materials I have and have lessons where needed.

The date:

31st December is the point I will achieve these goals by

I will be looking to have a minimum of two language exchange sessions a week. If I cannot do it one week I will make it up the next.


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