Brain benefits of bilingualism

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Phase Two – Sprint Two

Start: 14/07/2015

End: 28/07/2015


Top of Ben Nevis - three peaks

The last sprint went well. I am gathering momentum and have had two Arabic lessons each week. I haven’t done any language exchanges as it’s Ramadan so the time schedule is a little tough at the moment in the Middle East and the Gulf. However, the language lessons are very interactive and mostly include conversation practice.
The Coach Me App has been very useful as I can track my progress and receive friendly reminders along with a high five when I’ve done five check-ins in a row.

This sprint I want to continue the momentum of Arabic lessons as I think they are helping me greatly. Once the lesson is finished I take the content from Skype and create flash cards in Anki.

My tasks are:

1. Have 4 Arabic lessons – two a week should do it.

2. Carry on with Anki reviewing – I have set a goal of four times a week with 60 cards.

3. Language Exchange – Ramadan will be over soon so it’s time to get back on the language exchange

4. Arabic study – more listening to dialogues from the Syrian Arabic Course.