– goal setting app

Another great recommendation from language heroes Benny Lewis and Olly Richards is the app. If you’re like me and you need something to work towards and get that extra little push this app is great for you.

It allows you to set goals for just about anything including languages. You can also hire a coach to help you out.

Here is a screen shot from my


This is a great way of tracking your progress and ensuring your putting the shift in for your language learning.


Hello Talk app


I’m not sure where I found this app or who recommended it to me but it’s fantastic,I have been using it regularly.

One of the biggest problems with italki is that there isn’t an app available. This means every time I want to arrange a language exchange I have to log on to the site. With the HelloTalk app you can instantly message other people looking to language exchange. This has been very useful as I don’t have much free time.

The app also offers the ability to make calls, recordings, translations and much more.

It is also a very easy app to use with lots of cool functionality available.

What are the world’s hardest languages?

I found this picture showing the world’s hardest languages. Of course Arabic is in the difficult category. Don’t let this bring you down but rather make you feel better that you aren’t the only one who finds the language difficult. 2200 hours of class time!!! That’s crazy! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has found it challenging!


Phase Two – Sprint One

As I mentioned I have finished phase one and it’s now time to move on. So here are my items to do in this sprint:

Start Date: 19/06/2015
End Date: 3/7/2015

1. Have 4 language lessons – I think these will benefit me more than just listening to tapes and working on flash cards

2. Language Exchange – I’m aiming for 2 language exchange sessions

3. Anki flash cards – always required, I’m aiming for 10/15 minutes a day. Doesn’t matter how many cards

4. Listening – listen to 10/15 minutes of Arabic conversation a day in the car. I found a great link for Arabic phone conversations here

Agile and sprints – what and why?


Most people haven’t heard of the agile methodology or sprints. I work in IT and have lots of experience in the agile way. I was interested when I noticed Olly Richards from “I will teach you a language” uses them to get sh*t done as he puts it. Here’s his article, a great read and very useful tips as always. How to get sh*t done Using this methodology is definitely useful it forces you to think about what you are going to do in a small period. At the end of the period an assessment is done on if the tasks were done, what was good or bad and what could be improved. I highly recommend using this methodology as we can all get a bit lazy and just say..I will do this and…I plan to learn some vocabulary. By doing this month’s go by without achieving anything.

Phase one – done


I want to draw a line under the past 12 sprints. I don’t want an endless amount of sprints. I think using sprints has been good and I’d like to carry on using them. So let’s call this end of phase one which got me back in the swing of learning Arabic after that rubbish GCSE Arabic course.

During these sprints I have created a large amount of Arabic flash cards and done alot of studying. The next phase will be moving onto speaking Arabic using the materials I have learned and practice them with native speakers.

I had some problems finding language exchange partners due to my lack of time available. I’m only free during my lunch hour Monday to Friday. This has made things a little complicated but one way to get around this problem is to pay for a tutor or just keep looking out for someone with those free times. After much searching and lots of missed appointments leaving me very angry I have found someone who is free anytime, which is great for me.