Levant Arabic links


I found some great links for Levant Arabic and for free! Here they are:

Syrian Colloquiel Arabic – full course with audio

Jordanian Arabic audio


Sprint Twelve

Start: Tuesday 26th May
End: Tuesday 2nd June

I’m going away on holiday for a week with the family so any studying has to come to a stop for this period. However I will plan out my tasks for when I come back so I have something planned out immediately. I will try and do flash cards every day if I get any time.

Here are my tasks:

1. Practice 50 flash cards a day whilst on holiday if and where possible

2. Listen to Arabic music everyday

3. Listen to Arabic dialogues everyday

4. The big one – get back into language exchange, let’s go crazy as Prince once said.. 4 hourly sessions!

I have found a great tool on my phone to record calls on Skype.I will be using this to track my progress but I will have to listen to my stupid voice!

Sprint Eleven – done


Me and oopseedaisy

The sprint has ended and I have accomplished the following :

1. Anki cards every day – I have done over a 100 cards every day

2. Arabic music everyday in work.- everyday whilst working

3. Arabic dialogues everyday on the way to work – I found some great links to Levant dialogues which I will share

4. Add Michel Thomas Vocabulary disks 2, 3 and 4 to Anki – finally done!!! I can now say I will be moving on from the Michel Thomas box sets. Although they have been fantastic and have helped me greatly it’s time to move on as I can’t stand listening to Jane Whitwicks voice any longer.
I now have all the content from every Michel Thomas Arabic course stored in Anki flash cards. My plan is to memorise all of them with daily Anki revision and practice in language exchange. I now have over 1200 flash cards from Foundation, Advanced and the Vocabulary course. They have been a great help and I highly recommend them but I think I have listened to them too many times.

After doing all these flash cards I realized alot of the cards I made for the high frequency list wasn’t that useful. I did this after reading the book Fluent Forever. Looking back I don’t think it’s that beneficial to memorise single words as opposed to sentences. Creating Anki cards from the Michel Thomas courses is much more beneficial and is also much easier than memorising single words.
Memorising single words is a nightmare where as memorising phrases and sentences is much easier and more fun. It is also alot more useful.

Here is my total for cards created from all three Michel Thomas courses:


Sprint Eleven


Me at a wrestling camp four years ago

Start 7th may 2015
End 14th may 2015

Sprint Ten is now over, I have practicing my cards every day on Anki which consisted of about 100 cards. I have also listened to Arabic dialogues each morning on the way to work and have been listening to Arabic music 30 minutes a day. Now I’m back on track here’s my sprint 11 tasks:

1. Anki cards every day

2. Arabic music everyday in work

3. Arabic dialogues everyday on the way to work

4. Add Michel Thomas Vocabulary disks 2, 3 and 4 to Anki

At the end of this sprint I will have all the Michel Thomas Vocabulary course in Anki. That will be it for those disks and I will move onto aggressively language exchange. As I previously mentioned I have had enough of the Michel Thomas courses and want to draw a line and move. By adding the content to Anki I can memorise the content without ever listening to Jane Whitwicks annoying voice any longer!