Motivational video “Lloyd Irvin Choose the 3% and Walk Away From The …”

I stumbled across this motivational video on YouTube. It’s not specific to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and can be applied to anything.Check it out!

Lloyd Irvin Choose the 3%


New direction


Homous with Fool

I recently read an article by everyone’s favourite Irish polygot, Benny Lewis about how he would focus on getting good at many things as opposed to getting good at one thing. When he switched his methodology he found success with learning Spanish.
I would provide the link but I can’t find it.
I think this is very familiar in my case so I have decided to tweek the way I am going about learning Arabic.

One thing that has been consistent during my studies has been the Michel Thomas cds, I feel like I haven’t quite got past the advanced and vocabulary course. I am also sick to death of hearing Jane Whitwicks voice whilst driving with the cd on. So I have made the decision to take all the information from the Advanced and the vocabulary courses, create Anki droid flash cards and move on.
I think it is important to keep things fun and stop them from being boring. These courses are great but listening to them each morning in the car is so boring now.

I have taken all the vocabulary from the advanced course and put it into Anki droid. I plan on memorising all the content using Anki then never listening to those cds again…..unless I have to.
I plan to do the same with the vocabulary course.

In about two weeks I will have memorised quite a lot of vocabulary and studied quite alot as you can see from the previous posts targets. I will then move onto doing lots of language exchanges with native speakers for a whole sprint. I will also be setting mini goals as opposed to boring sprints where I just do stuff.

Sprint Ten – I’m back

Start: Tuesday 28/04/15
End: Tuesday 5/5/15


Ok, it’s been a while. I’ve had a pretty few crazy weeks back to back and I also committed to a half marathon! So I had no time to study and kind of fell out of my routine. Anyway I’m back on track!

This sprint is going to be one week as I need to get back into it asap.
I have taken all the content from Michel Thomas advanced and added it to Anki droid.

As I have been out of the game for a little while I’m going to focus on memorising as much vocabulary as I can then focus on language exchange.

This sprint I will:

1. Study a minimum of 100 flash cards everyday.

2. Listen to a minimum of 30 minutes of Arabic music everyday

3. Listen to a minimum of 30 minutes of the audio from the Kallimni book.