Sprint Nine

Tuesday 3rd Feb
Tuesday 17th Feb

The last sprint was pretty successful as I managed to do three slots of thirty minute Arabic conversation sessions. It’s pretty difficult finding people who will do this as people usually want to practice their English. So for someone like me with little time iTalki has lots of teachers who charge abour £2.50 for a lesson, bargain!

In the conversations I had I did pretty well at first as I could ask basic questions about a person when meeting for the first time. After that I got a bit stuck for vocabulary. So in this sprint I want to work on increasing that vocabulary a little past the initial meeting stage.

I also want to take the material from Michel Thomas advanced disks 3 and 4 and add them to anki as I don’t have them in my flash cards. I think it would definitely be useful to have those.

So here are my tasks for this sprint:

1) Continue with the Michel Thomas vocabulary disks

2) Create anki flash cards for Michel Thomas advanced disk 3

3) Do two thirty minute sessions of Arabic conversation. I’m keeping this low as I need to expand my vocabulary first.

4) Build up more vocabulary to use in conversations and publish here. I will either do this by looking online or booking a teaching session.

5) Do anki cards daily