Sprint Eight – complete


Me with the Queen

This sprint is now over and thankfully الحمد الله I have made some good progress .

1. Michel Thomas vocabulary: I listened to the discs pretty much every work day going to and from work. As the content is pretty advanced I’m still on disc two. The content has definitely helped when conversing in Arabic.

2. Speaking practice: I set out to do four 30 minute sessions of speaking practice in only Arabic with no English. I didn’t manage four but did three sessions, which is still pretty good!
I didn’t speak a word of English and had nothing written down or anything prepared, I just went off memory.
I would say this benefited me alot but after a certain amount of time I ran out of vocabulary.
As I had never spoke to the person before the conversations were generally about each other. The sessions went really well and I managed to learn some new vocabulary. 🙂


Sprint Eight


Start: Tuesday 6th Jan
End: Tuesday 20th Jan

Ok, the last sprint was a bit crap with all the problems with time. So this sprint is going to make up for all of that!
I am going to do the following:

1. Carry on with Michel Thomas Vocabulary course, work through disc one and disc two and reach a good level of understanding of the content.

2. I missed out two slots of 30 minutes of Arabic conversation practice in the last sprint. So, in this sprint I will do two 30 minute sessions along with the other two I missed out. So four 30 minute sessions.

3. Carry on with Anki flash cards

That’s pretty much it, it’s going to take a lot of work but it will be worth it.

I’ll be using my drives to and from work for studying and my lunch breaks for speaking practice.

Sprint seven – Complete


This sprint was pretty tough. I had a sick wife and kids and even got ill myself, I also had family staying with me and had the nightmare of Christmas shopping. Anyway, I can’t say I completed all my tasks so I am carrying them over to the next sprint.
I managed to finish the whole of the Michel Thomas Advanced course with no problems memorizing the content. I moved onto the Michel Thomas Vocabulary and got as far as the first disc. It’s pretty advanced so I’m on my third listen of the disc.
I was pretty stuck for time so I’m carrying those conversation slots over to the next sprint.
I studied the flash cards loosely but still made good progress with them.
The Michel Thomas discs definitely help and I look forward to using the content in conversations very soon.