Sprint seven


Me and my mate seun

Start date: 4/12/2014
End date: 18/12/2014

Ok, no more boring data entry creating flash cards. I now have 1500 cards fully loaded with pictures, sound, Arabic text and a memory helper. This sprint I don’t need to make any more cards.

At the moment the most free time o have are my drives to and from work. I want to utilise these slots with the Michel Thomas Arabic cds. It’s been a while since I’ve used the advanced or vocabulary builder course.

This sprint I will be doing the following objectives:

1. Study Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced

2. Study Michel Thomas Arabic vocabulary course

3. Study anki cards daily then publish report on blog

4. Do two 30 minutes of Arabic conversation. As my time is limited I plan on paying a teacher to simply converse with me. The prices on iTalki are dirt cheap! This means I don’t have to waste any time helping someone learn English. The session will be only in Arabic with minimal use of English by both of us.

The studying will be done utilising my drives to and from work.


Sprint six – Complete

This sprint went on far too long, it over ran by two weeks. I underestimated how long it would take to reach the 1500 mark for my Anki flash cards.
Well, the good news is it’s all done! I don’t want to make any more flash cards for quite sometime. Data entry has to be the most boring task in the world.
I struggled alot for time this sprint as my sons sleeping times have changed along with my wife and kids all coming down a sickness.
All of that aside I now have 1500 Arabic Anki flash cards to study which will help my Arabic studies greatly.