Sprint six

Start: 04/11/2014
End: 18/11/2014


The last sprint mainly focussed on creating a huge list of flas cards in Anki using the high frequency list from Memrise. I now have over 900 words and have been reviewing a 100 cards a day.
Although entering the cards into Anki is an extremely mundane task the end result will be worth it. If I focus on the cards for another sprint I won’t have to do it for a long time and go back to focusing on language exchange on iTalki. Having a huge list of cards and being able to memorise a large amount of words is going to benefit me greatly.
Using Anki at this moment in time is also very handy as I don’t have any free time at home with my wife and two kids. I’m sure this will soon change.
إن شاء الله

This sprints tasks are:

1. Anki
Finish off my mega list of flash cards this sprint. I don’t want to do any more mass data entry for a long time but if I spend this sprint expanding my list I will have enough cards to use for the next six to twelve months.
I currently have just over 900 words. I want to reach the 1500 mark. It will involve a lot of boring work but once it’s done I won’t have to do any more.

2. Kallimni audio
Carry on listening to the audio from the book in my car. I believe listening to these help with my listening skills.

3. Anki reviewing
Carry on reviewing 100 cards a day in Anki droid. I have been mainly doing this first thing in the morning whilst I am feeding my son at 6:30 am.