High frequency words

As I’ve mentioned I am working on a massive list of high frequency words. As advised in the Fluent Forever book I am aiming for around 1000 words. I have added sound, the Arabic script and an image to help memorise all of these words. I am using Anki every day and have 50 to 100 cards to do a day. I’ve added a few more just now so need to some more studying.

Here’s my list so far:



Sprint four

As my wife is due to give birth at any moment I’m going to keep this sprint pretty loose and do the following:

1. Daily immersion – expand the track lists from the Kallimni book and listen to thirty minutes a day

2. Continue working on high frequency flash cards in Anki. I’m aiming to get to 1000 words with each card having a sound clip, image and text. So far I have about 300. The Fluent Forever site recommends this book and also provides a list of 625 high frequency words to use here. Once I have this list I can practice the cards on a daily basis and ensure that I memorise all the words. Of course it will take a few months to memorise all these words but once I’ve memorised them they will be stuck in my memory.

3. With my mega flash cards I’m aiming for thirty minutes a day to memorise these essential words. I’ve also added in phrases from the Kallimni book.

I’m not adding any dates as the sprint could be cut at any time!

Sprint Three – Complete


This sprint I struggled a little as my wife is due to give birth at any moment!  However I managed to get one hours worth of language exchange along with daily immersion of Arabic music and Arabic dialogues. The Kallimni book comes with a CD full of dialogues in the Egyptian dialect with useful vocabulary that will actually be used in conversations. It has many tracks thats include pronunciation along with mini scenarios such as buying something from the shop. This is very useful to listen for daily immersion. I listened to thirty minutes of dialogues everyday.

I also started to read the “Fluent Forever” book which has given me some great ideas after only reading 25% so far.The book has great emphasis on using Anki just like Benny Lewis and AJAAT and many other polygots keep saying.
Gabriel provides a great amount of detail about how you can use Anki to remember everything in the language your studying. He advises on using high frequency dictionaries to add to your deck in Anki, more details can be found here. A great start is to create a mega list of 1000 or so high frequency words with images and a recording of the word which you can get from Forvo or Rhino Spike. Gabriel recommends on using images that are relevant to you so you can remember the word easier. He has a whole section dedicated to Anki which can be found here and here and also provides lots images you can use.
Benny Lewis also mentions something along these lines calles mnemonics, I can still remember his Garfield story about a train station in French.

Overall I did:

  • One hour of language exchange
  • An insane amount of immersion listening to dialogues and music
  • Started making a high frequency word list in Anki
  • Added all the words from the Kallimni book to Anki

Fluent Forever – how to learn any language fast and never forget – Gabriel Wyner


I’ve just started reading this book, I had it pre ordered for months as the reviews look great. The author also seems to use similar methods to Benny Lewis. You can get it from Amazon for a really cheap price. I’ll put my critical review on here once I’ve read it all. I’m 25% through it. The author also has his own site for the book called fluent-forever.com