Sprint three


Habiba in Amman, my favourite place for sweets

Start date: Tuesday 25th of August
End date: Tuesday 2nd of September

As mentioned, my wife has about three weeks left until our second baby is due. This means the baby can pop out any time, so I thought it would be best to make the sprints a weeks long just in case the baby pops out! Time is pr
etty limited at the moment as my daughter is like a little monkey and my wife is getting bigger and more tired.

This sprint my tasks are:

1. Expand on my vocabulary on hobbies and TV
2. Practice 2 hours of language exchange only talking about these topics
3. Do Anki flash cards daily
4. Listen to Arabic music everyday
5. Listen to Arabic dialogues everyday


Notes from lesson two

Here are my notes from lesson two on hobbies and tv:


Me after eating two Nandos whole chickens with two sides. ..they said it couldn't be done!

أنا بعزف على الجيتار= I play on guitar
هي بتعزف على الجيتار  she plays on guitar
ألعب كاراتيه/ ملاكمة I play karate/ boxing
أنا بحب أبحث عن المعلومات I like search  for information
هي بتحب تبحث عن المعلومات she likes searching for information
أنت بتحب القرايه؟   do you like reading ?
أيوه أنا بحب القراية yes, I like reading
قريت كم كتاب الأسبوع ده؟ how many books  do you read in this week?
كتاب واحد ( صفحة واحدة) one book/ one page
ساعات آه وساعات لأه ( أحيانا)= sometimes
هي بتِركب خيل she rides horses
بتحب تشوف التليفزيون؟ أيوه she watches television
بتتفرج على إيه؟ بحب أتفرج على أفلام كوميدية/ تراجيدية/ أكشن  ( إثارة)   what do you watch?
مين هو مُمثلك المفضل؟ what is your favorite actor
أنا بحب…..
أنا بحب جدا أتفرج على أفلام توم…… I like very much to watch movies of Tom
مين هي الممثلة المفضلة عندك؟ what is your favorite actress
أنا بحب …,.
انت بتحب الفيلم بتاع ساندرا اللي اسمه speed؟ do you like the movie of Sandra which its name is speed?
أيوة أنا شفته ( اتفرجت عليه) وماعجبنيش / عجبني قوي

أنا شفت فيلم لـــــ ( the name of the hero of the movie)

عن إيه؟ what is the story of the movie

مسلسل/ مسلسلات series
عمتي بتحبه جدا my unty likes it
أنت عارف المسلسل عن إيه؟ do you know the series is about what?
أنت بتحب المسلسلات التركي؟ do you like the Turkish series?
المسلسلات الأمريكية the American series
زي إيه؟ like what
لا, أنا ماشفتوش= I have not seen it
مين البطل؟ who is the hero ( male)?
مين البطلة…؟ who is the hero ( female)

Notes from lesson one

Here are my notes from lesson one on hobbies


Home made Fool, Homous, khoubez, eggs and cheese yummy! !

الهوايات= hobbies = هواية
أشاهد= أنا بشوف التليفزيون= بتفرج على التليفزيون= watching right now
أنا بحب أتفرج على التليفزيون= I like to watch
أتمشى في الجنينة walking in the parking
مع مراتي وبنتي With my wife and my daughter
بحب أروح وسْط المدينة I like to go downtown
بحب أشتري أكل= طعام to buy food
ملابس ( هدوم) cloth
بحب لعب الملاكمة boxing 
معاك حزام إيه؟ معايا الحزام الأزرق blue belt
بحب أروح أنا ومراتي مطعم تايلانديrestaurant
أنا بحب الأكل التايلاندي  the Thai food

أنا بحب أسبح بس أنا مش سباح ماهر I like to swim but am not a clever swimmer
مراتك بتحب تسبح؟ does your wife like to swim?
أيوه هي بتحب تسبح
هي صُغَيّرة قوي
أنا ما بعرفش أرسم I do not know how to draw
أنا مابحبش أرسم I do not like to draw
هي مش بتعرف ترسم she does not know
بالألوان with colors
لوحة رسم drawing board
أنا رسمت رسمة I draw a picture
ماعنديش= ما في I do not have
مين اللي علمك العزف على الجيتار؟ who taught you guitar?
صاحبي= صديقي my friend

Sprint Two – Complete

Me dressed in Victorian clothing..and picking someone up

Sprint two is now over, my goals for this sprint can be found in my previous post. I had to extend this sprint by one week as my routine was broken a little. I normally train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but recently switched gyms which messed up my schedule. Now I’ve joined a new gym I have a new schedule. 
I now have three weeks until my wife has our second child, things are about to get more crazy!
Here’s the stats for this month:

2 hours of lessons: I found that booking a couple of lessons would speed things up as I don’t have much free time to research and study. The tutor was really helpful and provided lots of new vocabulary. I’ll be posting her notes on here.

Immersion: I’m not sure how many hours of immersion I have done but it’s been alot. Everyday at work I have been listening to Arabic music for thirty minutes and Arabic dialogues for thirty minutes. The dialogues were recommended from I will teach you a language – how to do more listening and attacking language dialogues. I used the dialogues provided with the Kallmini Arabee bishweesh book. I also listened to Arabic phone calls. They’re a bit complex but it’s good to just listen to the Arabic and pick out words and phrases. Im on the hunt for more dialogues.

3 Hours speaking: Ok, this is two hours shy of my target but I found it difficult to get spare time or anyone to exchange with. I had some exchanges arranged with people then would have signal troubles. As my life at home is pretty busy my language exchanges and lessons are done on my lunch break or before work. Being in my car I’m guaranteed peace and quiet! 🙂 It’s also a great way to spend your lunch break.

3 hours studying: My study consisted of the Kallmini book. I learnt new vocabulary and listened to the audio then did the exercises.

Anki: I have added all new words and vocabulary to anki droid, I practice my cards for about 10/15 minutes a day. If your going to the toilet, take your phone with you to run through your cards!

I found a great link provided by “I will teach you a language” for an English/Egyptian Arabic dictionary. It provides audio and has an app. It is called: LisaanMasry.

Overall this sprint has been challenging but I’ve still made progress.